Red Fragrance Pear

Red Fragrance Pear

Fresh Korla Pear from china 
Golden color with blush red, thin skin, crisp, juicy and sweet

Inner packing: paper-pulp tray,transparent pad,foam net,plastic bag.

Outer Packing: 4kg/5kg/9kg/10kg/18kg carton


1)18/20/22/24/26 in 4kg carton, 5250cartons/40HR.
2)18/20/22/24/26 in 5kg carton, 4510cartons/40HR
3)36/40/48 in 9kg carton, 2500cartons/40HR
4)40/44/48 in 10kg carton, 2156cartons/40HR
5)72/80/96/112 in 18kg carton, 1264cartons/40HR 

Supply: Aug. to next Feb.

The last one:None! The next one:None!