JINXIANG HOMAGE IMP & EXP CO.,LTD is established in year 2009, focus on fresh vegetables and fruits sorting, packing, storing and exporting. Our products include garlic, potato, onion, ginger, radish, carrot, cabbage, apple, pear, honey pomelo, chestnut etc.

We have self-owned processing plants and cold stores with capacity of 5000MT to store garlic,onion and vegetables.

Except our registered private label  “HOMAGE FOOD”, we do more and more OEM products in the recent years. We believe that only our customers benefit, we will develop.By the end of year 2018, we have exported to more than 40 countries, which covers almost all continents in the world.

We always strive to improve product quality, reduce product costs, and improve the competitiveness with our customers. Welcome like-minded partners to join us for a better future.