Normal White Garlic, 1kg*10/10kg carton

Normal White Garlic

Normal white skin and with light purple stripe
Size: 3-4.5cm, 4.5 cm , 5.0cm , 5.5cm, 6.0cm & up

Bulk packing: 5kg/10kg per carton with one big mesh bag inside,
5kg/10kg/20kg per mesh bag
Pre-pack: :
1kg*10/ 500g*20/ 250g*40/ 200g*50 per 10kg carton,
500g*10/ 450g*10/ 400g*25/ per mesh bag,
8 Pcs, 6 Pcs, 5 Pcs, 4 Pcs, 3 Pcs per bag etc.
It should be our pleasure to pack the garlic according your requirements.
Supply period: June to next May

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